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A Betta Falls Aquarium Is the Best Choice to Keep Your Favourite Fish Safe and Healthy

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A Betta Falls Aquarium Is the Best Choice to Keep Your Favourite Fish Safe and Healthy

There are many reasons why people keep fish, but high among them is their beauty and the peace, serenity and calm of watching these beautiful animals gracefully swim through their underwater habitat. One of the most popular fish for anyone’s home aquarium is the betta, also known as the Siamese fighting fish. The long, flowing fins and beautiful, shimmering colours of this species make it a natural choice. However, like all animals, bettas have their own unique species-related characteristics that anyone who would like to keep them as pets need to understand. They get their name from their propensity for the aggression and stress that the males experience and exhibit when put in close quarters with other males of their species. This means that if you want to keep more than one male betta, you need quite a large tank, and, conversely, if you’ve got a small tank, you’re limited to just one. That’s where a Betta Falls aquarium is a perfect solution.

Made with Bettas in Mind

A problem as specific as the desire to keep multiple bettas in a small space needs a specific solution, and the particular solution Betta Falls Aquarium offer is as simple as it is elegant: one small, compact, shelf- or desk-top unit, but multiple individual tanks. All the tanks are connected to the same filtration system in a cascading arrangement, so the fresh water falling into each tank area not only cleans it, but also adds much-needed aeration. You get all the beauty of having several of these magnificent animals in one place, without the risk to the animals’ health that would normally accompany it. Separating each tank is a wall of frosted glass, which keeps all the tanks well lit, but all the fish from seeing each other and becoming stressed or agitated as a result. It really is the best of all worlds.

A Space for Creativity

One of the best secondary features of a Betta Falls aquarium is the variety of ways you can decorate each tank within the unit. By mixing up the type of aquarium substrates, fish tank decorations and artificial aquarium plants you use in each of the three sections of the tank, you can create an incredible variety of effects and styles to suit your exact tastes. Add to that the dizzying and dazzling variety of colours and hues that you can find in bettas themselves, and the possibilities are nearly endless.
If you’re understandably in love with the betta’s long, flowing fins and tail and the vast spectrums of colours they display, then you’ll want to ask an aquarium specialist about the best freshwater fish tank to keep them in. Chances are, if you’re hoping to have more than one of these amazing fish in the same place in your home, that aquarium retailer will suggest a Betta Falls aquarium. It lets you enjoy the multitude of colours and patterns you can find among bettas, without running into the troubles and risks associated with keeping too many in too small a space.